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veggie_diaries's Journal

The Vegetable Diaries
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The Vegetable Diaries is a blog/cookbook containing recipes that use lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. I started this blog after starting the Body for Life program, a total lifestyle that calls for a high protein/low fat diet full of vegetables and fruits and an intense, but manageable exercise program combining resistance and cardio vascular workouts. I realized how few vegetables and fruits I was actually eating before. I found that I actually didn't have a lot of produce in my regular rotation of recipes. I began to search for, tweak, and develop my own recipes that included lots of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables that included protein or could be served with protein nicely.

I am no longer doing the 12 week Body for Life Program but believe in it's exercise and nutritional premises whole-heartedly...even when I am breaking it, I believe in it. I will still shoot for high fiber, high protein, healthy carb meals with lots of vegetables and fruit.

This is NOT a vegetarian recipe community. You will find MANY recipes here that are suitable for vegetarians...even vegans, but recipes that contain meat are acceptable, even encouraged.

  • Because there are people from all over the world in this community, we don't use the same measurements. But! I found this superb online converter here: http://www.onlineconversion.com/cooking_volume.htm.

    Within the site you can also find converters for Celcius >< Fahrenheit here: http://www.onlineconversion.com/cooking_gasmark.htm, which I've found useful.

    Until recently, this was not an open community: I was the only member. It has now opened for vegetable/fruit recipes from everyone! The user info will be updated shortly, but until then, please follow this simple guideline....

  • This community is a collective cookbook. All posts MUST be a recipe. If you wouldn't put it in a cookbook or write in on a card for your recipe box, it doesn't belong here. A few notes about your recipe are fine, and usually appreciated if they are helpful, but the recipe should be the focus of the entry. There's no need for an introductory post, quizzes about food (even if it's about fruits and vegetables) or discussions about nutrition. It's not a discussion community. Of course, this is not to say there cannot be discussion in the comments, but let's keep the posts themselves strictly to recipes. Posts that are not recipes will be deleted.
  • Please use the recipe title as a subject line. It makes it SO much easier to find recipes this way.
  • PLEASE tag your entries. Before the community grew (in a matter of 2 hours we gained over a hundred new members and still growing!) I was using the memories old school style. With tags, however, members can tag their own entries and save me a lot of time. This will make our cookbook more user friendly. I am in the process of tagging all the previous posts. Go here to find out how to tag an entry.
  • Pictures are welcome, but please put them under an LJ cut. It's a good idea to put long recipes under a cut, too. Go here to find out how to cut an entry.
  • All recipes must feature produce prominently and be relatively healthy. Mixing vegetables with protein is particularly good! This is not a vegetarian community, although many of the recipes will be vegetarian by nature. I have included vegetarian and vegan in the tags. I have also included sweets and desserts in the tag, but I discourage really sugary recipes here. Nutrition is key and some fruit recipes contain so much sugar they negate the health value. Of course, I indulge as well, but would like to use this community specifically for health conscious recipes.
  • Please avoid posting recipes using canned fruits and vegetables. Occasionally a really good recipe will call for canned products...pumpkin, tomato sauce, beans...but the point here is to get more of the healthy nutrients vegetables and fruits have to offer into our diets. Most of the time, canned vegetables and fruits lack the same punch of fresh and frozen varieties. There is some debate about tomatoes. I've been told they actually contain more lycopene if canned. Point being...canned food is not prohibited, but keep the nutrient value of the vegetable and fruit recipes in mind when posting ingredients.
  • Be nice or go away. There is absolutely no place for rudeness here. It's a recipe posting community. If flaming and namecalling break out over a recipe posted, I will assume that the people in question like to get in internet arguments just because they can and it will all be deleted. There are a million snark communities out there and probably one dedicated just to snarking recipe communities. Go find it if you feel the need to bitch. Just don't do it here. We like to be nice here, just because we can.

    Not following the guidelines will have your post deleted. When I delete posts that aren't recipes or do not fit other guidelines, I am not being a jerk. I am not suggesting your question isn't valid. It simply doesn't create a cookbook style community and that is what we're trying to achieve here.

    Enjoy and be healthy!!!!