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Tuna Caesar Pasta

Better Tuna Caesar Pasta PicCook pasta al dente and drain, then rinse with cold water to stop it from cooking and cool it off. This will work best with bite-size, rather than long, noodle varieties.

In a bowl, combine the pasta with a well-drained can of tuna, drained can of artichoke hearts, fresh or frozen peas, and sliced black olives. Other vegetables that would work well include sliced carrots, cut green beans, and cut asparagus. Stir in Caesar salad dressing to taste. Each can of tuna will provide a couple of people's worth of protein in the dish. I suggest 2-4 cans per pound of pasta.

Refrigerate and serve! You won't need to refrigerate long if you rinse the pasta in cold water and mix in peas straight from the freezer.